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Two Hives is run by Steve Bynghall and Kelly Andrews. We’re based in London, UK and provide  consulting, research and professional writing services.  We focus on areas of digital working including intranets, enterprise social networks, HR portals, collaboration, knowledge management, crowdsourcing and gamification.

We have worked with global leading brands, smaller companies, professional practices, and software vendors and consultancies. We work extensively through the Digital Workplace Group and Step Two, based in Sydney. We prefer to form long term working relationships with clients.

And yes, we’re married!

About Steve

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Steve Bynghall is a consultant, researcher and writer. He has over twenty  years experience of working in knowledge management, intranets and the digital workplace and has written extensively through blogs, articles and books. He also writes for children through Dorling Kindersley.

Following an MSc in Information Science from City University, Steve worked at accounting firm BDO LLP  for over thirteen years, working in various knowledge roles including managing the  firm’s global extranet programme.  In late 2010 he set up Two Hives Ltd.  Steve is the external-facing side of Two Hives through his client work and writing.

Connect with Steve on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Kelly

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Kelly Andrews has twenty years of experience working as both an HR and data management professional. After graduating in Psychology, Kelly worked in professional services where she gained her CIPD qualification. Having assumed system responsibility for the PeopleSoft HR system she moved on to work as a consultant at IBM.

Kelly  also worked for a number of years at an animal rescue and education centre where she co-ordinated the volunteer programme and also looked after HR matters. She  has also worked in a London secondary school as the data manager, responsible for reporting and data integrity.

From March 2015 Kelly has been working for Two Hives where she runs the operational side of things.

Why ‘Two Hives’?

We sometimes get asked why we’re called Two Hives. We’ve  worked in too many places where there are many hives of activity, but everyone is so busy that one hive doesn’t know what the other is doing.

Our aim is to help organisations where there are two hives or more to work in a more connected way.

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